Data Object - VirtualSCSIController

Extended by
ParaVirtualSCSIController, VirtualBusLogicController, VirtualLsiLogicController, VirtualLsiLogicSASController
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Data Object Description

The VirtualSCSIController data object type represents a SCSI controller in a virtual machine.


Name Type Description

All SCSI controllers support hot adding and removing of devices. This support can't be toggled in the current implementation. Therefore, this option is ignored when reconfiguring a SCSI controller and is always set to "true" when reading an existing configuration.

The unit number of the SCSI controller. The SCSI controller sits on its own bus, so this field defines which slot the controller is using.

Mode for sharing the SCSI bus. The modes are physicalSharing, virtualSharing, and noSharing. See the Sharing data object type for an explanation of these modes.
Properties inherited from VirtualController
busNumber, device
Properties inherited from VirtualDevice
backing, connectable, controllerKey, deviceInfo, key, slotInfo, unitNumber
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dynamicProperty, dynamicType
*Need not be set
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