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VirtualMachineFileLayoutDiskLayout, VirtualMachineFileLayoutSnapshotLayout

Data Object Description

Deprecated. As of vSphere API 4.0, use VirtualMachineFileLayoutEx instead.

Describes the set of files that makes up a virtual machine on disk. The file layout is broken into 4 major sections: Often the same directory is used for configuration, log, disk and snapshots.


Name Type Description

A list of files that makes up the configuration of the virtual machine (excluding the .vmx file, since that file is represented in the FileInfo). These are relative paths from the configuration directory. A slash is always used as a separator. This list will typically include the NVRAM file, but could also include other meta-data files.

Files making up each virtual disk.

A list of files stored in the virtual machine's log directory. These are relative paths from the logDirectory. A slash is always used as a separator.

Files of each snapshot.

The swapfile specific to this virtual machine, if any. This is a complete datastore path, not a relative path.
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