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VAppIPAssignmentInfo, VAppOvfSectionSpec, VAppProductSpec, VAppPropertySpec
vSphere API 4.0

Data Object Description

vApp related configuration of a VM.


Name Type Description

End User Liceses Agreements.

If this list is set, it replaces all exiting licenses. An empty list will not make any changes to installed licenses. A list with a single element {""} will remove all licenses and leave an empty list.

Reconfigure privilege: VApp.ApplicationConfig


If this is on a VirtualMachine object, it specifies whether the VM needs an initial boot before the deployment is complete. If this is on a vApp object, it indicates than one or more VMs needs an initial reboot. This flag is automatically reset once the reboot has happened.

Reconfigure privilege: VApp.ApplicationConfig


Specifies the delay in seconds to wait for the VM to power off after the initial boot (used only if installBootRequired is true). A value of 0 means wait forever.

Reconfigure privilege: VApp.ApplicationConfig


IP assignment policy and DHCP support configuration.

Reconfigure privilege: See VAppIPAssignmentInfo


List the transports to use for properties. Supported values are: iso and com.vmware.guestInfo.

If this list is set, it replaces all exiting entries. An empty list will not make any changes. A list with a single element {""} will clear the list of transports.

Reconfigure privilege: VApp.ApplicationConfig


List of uninterpreted OVF meta-data sections.

Reconfigure privilege: VApp.ApplicationConfig


Information about the product.

Reconfigure privilege: VApp.ApplicationConfig


List of properties.

Adding and editing properties requires various privileges depending on which fields are affected. See VAppPropertyInfo for details.

Deleting properties requires the privilege VApp.ApplicationConfig.

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