Data Object - HostVmfsVolume

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HostUnresolvedVmfsResolutionResult, VmfsDatastoreInfo
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HostForceMountedInfo, HostScsiDiskPartition

Data Object Description

The VMFS file system.


Name Type Description

Block size of VMFS. Determines maximum file size. The maximum number of blocks is typically fixed with each specific version of VMFS. To increase the maximum size of a VMFS file, increase the block size.

The minimum block size is 1MB.


The list of partition names that comprise this disk's VMFS extents.

This property can be accessed via various enclosing objects. In VirtualCenter, where it can be accessed from multiple hosts, the value of this property may differ according to the context in which it is accessed. When accessed from the VmfsDatastoreInfo object, in VirtualCenter, this property reflects the extent information of any one of the hosts visible to the datastore.

For a VirtualCenter system which manages ESX Server 2.x and ESX Server 3.x hosts, this extent information is only correlatable across hosts if the extents are exposed on the same adapter on all hosts which can access them. To find the extent names for a specific host, this same property should be accessed via the host's HostFileSystemVolume object, by correlating the uuid of the VMFS datastore in the VmfsDatastoreInfo object to the uuid in the FileSystemVolume object.

For a Virtual Center system which manages only ESX Server hosts with versions 4.0 onwards , this extent information is correlatable across hosts, irrespective of the adapters the extents are exposed on.


Information about 'forceMounted' VmfsVolume. When the system detects a copy of a VmfsVolume, it will not be auto-mounted on the host and it will be detected as 'UnresolvedVmfsVolume'. If user decides to 'forceMount' the VmfsVolume on the host, forceMountedInfo will be populated. It will not be set for automounted VMFS volumes.

Since vSphere API 4.0

Major version number of VMFS.

Maximum number of blocks. Determines maximum file size along with blockSize. See information about the blockSize.


Indicates whether the volume is SSD backed. If unset, the information whether the volume is SSD backed is unknown.

Since vSphere API 5.0

The universally unique identifier assigned to VMFS.

Version string. Contains major and minor version numbers.

Can the filesystem be upgraded to a newer version.
See UpgradeVmfs

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