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HostDiagnosticPartitionCreateOption, VirtualMachineScsiDiskDeviceInfo
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Data Object Description

This data object type describes a SCSI disk. A SCSI disk contains a partition table which can be changed. To change a SCSI disk, use the device name and the partition specification.
See RetrieveDiskPartitionInfo
See UpdateDiskPartitions


Name Type Description

The size of SCSI disk using the Logical Block Addressing scheme.

The device path of the ScsiDisk. This device path is a file path that can be opened to create partitions on the disk.
See RetrieveDiskPartitionInfo
See UpdateDiskPartitions


Indicates whether the ScsiDisk is SSD backed. If unset, the information whether the ScsiDisk is SSD backed is unknown.

Since vSphere API 5.0
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