Data Object - HostRuntimeInfo

Property of
HostListSummary, HostSystem
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ClusterDasFdmHostState, HealthSystemRuntime, HostSystemConnectionState, HostSystemPowerState, HostTpmDigestInfo

Data Object Description

This data object type describes the runtime state of a host.


Name Type Description

The time when the host was booted.

The host connection state. See the description in the enums for the ConnectionState data object type.

The availability state of an active host in a vSphere HA enabled cluster. A host is inactive if it is in maintenance or standby mode, or it has been disconnected from vCenter Server. The active hosts in a cluster form a vSphere HA fault domain.

The property is unset if vSphere HA is disabled, the host is in maintenance or standby mode, or the host is disconnected from vCenter Server.

Since vSphere API 5.0

Available system health status

Since VI API 2.5

The flag to indicate whether or not the host is in maintenance mode. This flag is set when the host has entered the maintenance mode. It is not set during the entering phase of maintenance mode.
See EnterMaintenanceMode_Task
See ExitMaintenanceMode_Task


The host power state. See the description in the enums for the PowerState data object type.

Since VI API 2.5

The host's standby mode. For valid values see HostStandbyMode. The property is only populated by vCenter server. If queried directly from a ESX host, the property is is unset.

Since vSphere API 4.1
tpmPcrValues*HostTpmDigestInfo[]Deprecated. As of

The array of PCR digest values stored in the TPM device since the last host boot time.

Since vSphere API 4.0
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