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DistributedVirtualSwitchPortConnectee, DVPortConfigInfo, DVPortState, HostSystem
vSphere API 4.0

Data Object Description

The DistributedVirtualPort data object represents a port in a DistributedVirtualSwitch. Virtual ports are part of a distributed virtual portgroup. Servers create virtual ports according to the portgroup type (DistributedVirtualPortgroup.config.type). See DistributedVirtualPortgroupPortgroupType.


Name Type Description

Port configuration, including identifying information, network settings, and the set of entities that can connect to the port.

Specifies whether the port is a conflict port. A port could be marked as conflict if an entity is discovered connecting to a port that is already occupied, or if the host creates a port without conferring with vCenter Server.

The distributed virtual switch does not persist the runtime state of a conflict port. Also, the port cannot move away from the host. vCenter Server will not move a virtual machine (VMotion) that is using a conflict port.


If the port is marked conflict in the case of two entities connecting to the same port (see conflict), this is the key of the port which the connected entity is contending for.

Entity that connects to the port.

Cookie representing the current instance of association between a port and a virtual or physical NIC. See DistributedVirtualSwitchPortConnection. The same cookie is present in the physical or virtual NIC configuration (DistributedVirtualSwitchPortConnection.connectionCookie) so that the Server can verify that the entity is the rightful connectee of the port.

UUID of the DistributedVirtualSwitch to which the port belongs.

Specifies whether the port is a host local port. A host local port is created to resurrect the management network connection on a VMkernel virtual NIC. You cannot use vCenter Server to reconfigure this port and you cannot reassign the port.

Since vSphere API 5.1

Port key.

The last time the state.runtimeInfo value was changed.

Key of the portgroup DistributedVirtualPortgroup to which the port belongs, if any.
to a HostSystem

HostSystem that services this port.

Runtime state of the port.
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