Data Object - ClusterDasFailoverLevelAdvancedRuntimeInfo

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ClusterDasFailoverLevelAdvancedRuntimeInfoHostSlots, ClusterDasFailoverLevelAdvancedRuntimeInfoSlotInfo, ClusterDasFailoverLevelAdvancedRuntimeInfoVmSlots
vSphere API 4.0

Data Object Description

Advanced runtime information related to the high availability service for a cluster that has been configured with a failover level admission control policy. See ClusterFailoverLevelAdmissionControlPolicy.


Name Type Description


Slot information for this cluster.

The total number of connected hosts that are not in maintance mode and that do not have any DAS-related config issues on them.

The total number of hosts in the cluster.

The total number of slots available in the cluster.
See SlotInfo

The total number of powered on vms in the cluster.

The number of slots that are not used by currently powered on virtual machines and not reserved to satisfy the configured failover level. This number gives an indication of how many additional virtual machines can be powered on in this cluster without violating the failover level (assuming the new virtual machine's reservations are satisfied by the current slot size). This value is computed as follows (where m is the configured failover level): Remove the m largest hosts (ie. the ones with the most slots) from the list of "good" hosts (see totalGoodHosts). Sum up the number of slots on the remaining hosts and deduct the number of currently used slots (see usedSlots). If this number is negative, use zero instead.
See SlotInfo

The number of slots currently being used.
See SlotInfo

The list of virtual machines whose reservations and memory overhead are not satisfied by a single slot.

Since vSphere API 5.1
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