Data Object - SessionManagerGenericServiceTicket

Returned by
vSphere API 5.0

Data Object Description

This data object represents a ticket which grants access to some service. The ticket may be used only once and is valid only for the SessionManagerServiceRequestSpec with which it was acquired. For HTTP service requests (when spec is of type HttpServiceRequestSpec) the returned ticket must be used by setting id as the value of a special cookie in the HTTP request. For CGI requests the name of this cookie is 'vmware_cgi_ticket'. The use of the returned ticket for other services is to be defined.


Name Type Description

The name of the host that the service is running on

Since vSphere API 5.1

A unique string identifying the ticket.

The expected thumbprint of the SSL certificate of the host. If it is empty, the host must be authenticated by name.

Since vSphere API 5.1
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