Data Object - DatastoreCapability

Property of
Datastore, VirtualMachineDatastoreInfo

Data Object Description

Information about the capabilities of this datastore.


Name Type Description

Indicates whether or not directories can be created on this datastore.

Indicates whether the datastore supports native snapshot feature which is based on Copy-On-Write.

Since vSphere API 5.1

Indicates whether or not the datastore supports thin provisioning on a per file basis. When thin provisioning is used, backing storage is lazily allocated.

This is supported by VMFS3. VMFS2 always allocates storage eagerly. Thus, this value is false for VMFS2. Most NAS systems always use thin provisioning. They do not support configuring this on a per file basis, so for NAS systems this value is also false.


Indicates whether or not raw disk mappings can be created on this datastore.

Indicates whether the datastore supports Storage I/O Resource Management.

Since vSphere API 4.1
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