Data Object - CustomizationSpecInfo

Property of
CustomizationSpecItem, CustomizationSpecManager

Data Object Description

Information about a specification.


Name Type Description

The changeVersion is a unique identifier for a given version of the configuration. Each change to the configuration will update this value. This is typically implemented as an ever increasing count or a time-stamp. However, a client should always treat this as an opaque string.

If specified when updating a specification, the changes will only be applied if the current changeVersion matches the specified changeVersion. This field can be used to guard against updates that has happened between the configInfo was read and until it is applied.


Description of the specification.

Time when the specification was last modified. This time is ignored when the CustomizationSpecItem containing this is used as an input to CustomizationSpecManager.create.

Unique name of the specification.

Guest operating system for this specification (Linux or Windows).
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