Data Object - ComputeResourceConfigSpec

Parameter to
AddStandaloneHost_Task, ReconfigureComputeResource_Task
Extended by
VI API 2.5

Data Object Description

Changes to apply to the compute resource configuration.


Name Type Description

Key for Default Hardware Version to be used on this compute resource in the format of key. Setting this field affects defaultConfigOption returned by environmentBrowser of this object and all its children with this field unset.

Since vSphere API 5.1

Flag indicating whether or not the SPBM(Storage Policy Based Management) feature is enabled on this compute resource

Since vSphere API 5.0

New setting for the swapfile placement policy. Any change to this policy will affect virtual machines that subsequently power on or resume from a suspended state in this compute resource, or that migrate to a host in this compute resource while powered on; virtual machines that are currently powered on in this compute resource will not yet be affected.
See VirtualMachineConfigInfoSwapPlacementType

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