You can edit how IP addresses are allocated for the vApp.

Required privilege: vApp.vApp instance configuration


Navigate to a vApp in the inventory and click Edit vApp Settings.


Click the IP Allocation triangle to expand the IP allocation options.


Select an IP allocation option.



Static - Manual

IP addresses are manually configured. No automatic allocation is performed.

Transient - IP Pool

IP addresses are automatically allocated using IP pools from a specified range when the vApp is powered on. The IP addresses are released when the appliance is powered off.


A DHCP server is used to allocate the IP addresses. The addresses assigned by the DHCP server are visible in the OVF environments of virtual machines started in the vApp.

Static - IP Pool

IP addresses are automaticaly allocated from the managed IP network range of vCenter Server at power-on, and remain allocated at power-off.


Click OK.