This vSphere Virtual Machine Administration is updated with each release of the product or when necessary.

This table provides the update history of the vSphere Virtual Machine Administration.




Removed VMware Studio information from the multi-tiered application topic. See Managing Multi-Tiered Applications with vSphere vApp.

Linked to instructions to add a device to a virtual machine. See Connect USB Devices to an ESXi Host.


Updated number of supported virtual CPUs. See Select the Number of Virtual CPUs.

Updated link to the VMware Compatibility Guide. See Guest Operating System Customization Requirements.

Updated information about managing snapshots. See Managing Snapshots.

Updated procedure for removing virtual machines from the datastore. See Remove Virtual Machines from the Datastore in the vSphere Web Client.

Removed Datastore.Allocate space privilege from privileges required to take a virtual machine snapshot. See Required Privileges for Common Tasks.

Updated information about virtual machine startup and shutdown settings. See Edit Virtual Machine Startup and Shutdown Settings in the vSphere Web Client.

Updated information about enabling the advanced options in the export an OVF template process. See Export an OVF Template in the vSphere Web Client.


Initial release.