You can change or add virtual machine configuration parameters if you intend to use experimental features or when instructed by a VMware technical support representative.

You also might see VMware documentation that instructs you to change or add a parameter. In such cases, you can safely follow the recommended procedure.

The following conditions apply:

To change a parameter, you change the existing value for the keyword/value pair. For example, if you start with the keyword/value pair, keyword/value, and change it to keyword/value2, the result is keyword=value2.

You cannot delete a configuration parameter entry.


You must assign a value to configuration parameter keywords. If you don't assign a value, the keyword can return a value of 0, false, or disable, which can result in a virtual machine that cannot power on.


In the vSphere Client inventory, right-click the virtual machine and select Edit Settings.


Click the Options tab and under Advanced, click General.


Click Configuration Parameters.


(Optional) Change or add a parameter.


Click OK to exit the Configuration Parameters dialog box.


Click OK to save your changes.