You can use the Snapshot Manager to delete a single snapshot or all snapshots in a snapshot tree.

Use care when you delete snapshots. You cannot restore a deleted snapshot. For example, you might want to install several browsers, a, b, and c, and capture the virtual machine state after you install each browser. The first, or base snapshot, captures the virtual machine with browser a and the second snapshot captures browser b. If you restore the base snapshot that includes browser a and take a third snapshot to capture browser c and delete the snapshot that contains browser b, you cannot return to the virtual machine state that includes browser b.

Ensure that you are familiar with the Delete and Delete all actions and how they might affect virtual machine performance. See Deleting Snapshots.

Required Privilege: Virtual machine.State.Remove Snapshot on the virtual machine.


Right-click the virtual machine and select Manage Snapshots.


To locate a virtual machine, select a datacenter, folder, cluster, resource pool, host, or vApp.


Click the Related Objects tab and click Virtual Machines.


In the Snapshot Manager, click a snapshot to select it.


Select whether to delete a single snapshot or all snapshots.




Consolidates the snapshot data to the parent snapshot and removes the selected snapshot from the Snapshot Manager and virtual machine.

Delete All

Consolidates all of the immediate snapshots before the You are here current state to the base parent disk and removes all existing snapshots from the Snapshot Manager and virtual machine.


Click Yes in the confirmation dialog box.


Click Close to exit the Snapshot Manager.