You can review all snapshots for the active virtual machine and act on them by using the Snapshot Manager.

After you take a snapshot, you can use the Revert to current snapshot command from the virtual machine’s right-click menu to restore that snapshot at any time. If you have a series of snapshots, you can use the Go to command in the Snapshot Manager to restore any parent or child snapshot. Subsequent child snapshots that you take from the restored snapshot create a branch in the snapshot tree. You can delete a snapshot from the tree in the Snapshot Manager.

The Snapshot Manager window contains the following areas: Snapshot tree, Details region, command buttons, Navigation region, and a You are here icon.

Snapshot tree

Displays all snapshots for the virtual machine.

You are here icon

Represents the current and active state of the virtual machine. The You are here icon is always selected and visible when you open the Snapshot Manager.

You can select the You are here state to see how much space the node is using. Go to, Delete, Delete all, and Edit are disabled for the You are here state.

Go to, Delete, and Delete All

Snapshot options.


Shows the snapshot name and description, the date you created the snapashot, and the disk space. The Console shows the power state of the virtual machine when a snapshot was taken. The Name, Description, and Created text boxes are blank if you do not select a snapshot.


Change the snapshot name and description.


Contains buttons for navigating out of the dialog box.

Close the Snapshot Manager.

The question mark icon opens the help system.