Set up and configure the networks the deployed OVF temlates use.


For each network specified in the OVF template, select a network by right-clicking the Destination Network column in your infrastructure to set up the network mapping.


On the IP Allocation menu, configure how IP addresses are allocated for the virtual appliance.



Static - Manual

You will be prompted to enter the IP addresses in the Appliance Properties page.

Transient - IP Pool

IP addresses are allocated from a specified range when the appliance is powered on. The IP addresses are released when the appliance is powered off.


A DHCP server is used to allocate the IP addresses.

Static - IP Pool

IP addresses are automatically allocated from the managed IP network range of vCenter Server at power-on, and remain allocated at power-off.

This option does not appear if the deployed OVF template does not contain information about the IP scheme it supports.


Type the network protocol information.

This option only appears if the OVF you deploy contains network properties.

The network protocol setting might be for the DNS servers, gateway, netmask, or subnet. You can type IP addresses that match the chosen IP protocol (IPv4 or IPv6) For DNS servers you can type a comma-separated ist of IP addresses.


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