When you install Orchestrator, the IP address that the Orchestrator client interface uses to communicate to the server is not set automatically. To change this, you must configure the network settings used by Orchestrator.

Make sure that the network provides a fixed IP, which is obtained by using a properly configured DHCP server (using reservations) or by setting a static IP. The Orchestrator server requires that the IP address remains constant while it is running.


Log in to the Orchestrator configuration interface as vmware.


Click Network.


From the IP address drop-down menu, select the IP address to which you want to bind the Orchestrator server.

Orchestrator discovers the IP address of the machine on which the server is installed.

The corresponding DNS name appears. If no network name is found, the IP address appears in the DNS name text box. Use this IP address to log in to the Orchestrator client interface.


Set up the communication ports.

For more information about default ports, see Orchestrator Network Ports.


Click Apply changes.

Click SSL Trust Manager to load the vCenter Server SSL certificate in Orchestrator.