You can restore the previously exported system configuration when you reinstall Orchestrator or if a system failure occurs.

If you use the import procedure for cloning the Orchestrator configuration, the vCenter Server plug-in configuration becomes invalid and non-working, because a new ID of the vCenter Server plug-in is generated. After you import the Orchestrator configuration, you must provide a valid password for each registered vCenter Server instance. For more information about configuring the vCenter Server plug-in, see Configure the vCenter Server 5.1 Plug-In.


Log in to the Orchestrator configuration interface as vmware.


On the General tab, click Import Configuration.


Type the password you used when exporting the configuration.

This step is not necessary if you have not specified a password.


Browse to select the .vmoconfig file you exported from your previous installation.


Select whether to override the Orchestrator internal certificate and network settings.

Select the check box only if you want to restore your Orchestrator configuration and the .vmoconfig file is the backup file of the same Orchestrator configuration.

If you import the configuration to duplicate the Orchestrator environment, for example for scaling purposes, leave the check box unselected. Otherwise you might have problems with the certificates when Orchestrator tries to identify against vCenter Server, vCenter Single Sign On or the vSphere Web Client.


Click Import.

A message states that the configuration is successfully imported. The new system replicates the old configuration completely.