Orchestrator provides a workflow that generates a ZIP archive of troubleshooting information containing configuration, server, wrapper, and installation log files.

Verify that you created the c:/orchestrator folder at the root of the Orchestrator server system or set write access rights to another folder in which to store the generated ZIP archive. See Set Server File System Access for Workflows and JavaScript.

You must be logged in to the Orchestrator client as a member of the vCO admin group.


Click the Workflows view in the Orchestrator client.


In the workflows hierarchical list, open Library > Troubleshooting and navigate to the Export logs and application settings workflow.


Right-click the Export logs and application settings workflow and select Start workflow.


(Optional) Type the path to the folder on the vCO server in which to store the output ZIP archive.

If you do not type a path, the generated ZIP archive is stored in the c:/orchestrator folder.


Click Submit to run the workflow.

The troubleshooting information is stored in a ZIP archive named vCO_troubleshooting_dateReference_xxxxxx.zip.