By default, Orchestrator permits 300 workflows to run at the same time. When the Orchestrator server has to run more than 300 concurrent workflows, the pending workflow runs are queued. When an active workflow run completes, the next workflow in the queue starts to run. If the maximum number of queued workflows is reached, the next workflow runs fail until one of the pending workflows starts to run.

By setting system properties in the Orchestrator configuration file, you can control the number of workflows that are running at the same time and the number of pending workflows that are waiting in a queue.


If your system is configured with one CPU, the recommended maximum value of the com.vmware.vco.workflow-engine.executors-count property is 100. If the number of concurrent workflows is higher than 100, you might reach the maximum number of threads per processor.


Navigate to the following folder on the Orchestrator server system.



If you installed Orchestrator with the vCenter Server installer

Go to install_directory\VMware\Infrastructure\Orchestrator\app-server\server\vmo\conf.

If you installed the standalone version of Orchestrator

Go to install_directory\VMware\Orchestrator\app-server\server\vmo\conf.


Open the configuration file in a text editor.


Set the com.vmware.vco.workflow-engine.executors-count and com.vmware.vco.workflow-engine.executors-max-queue-size properties by adding the following lines to the vmo.properies file.


Save the file.


Restart the Orchestrator server.

You set the maximum values for concurrent and pending workflows. You can run up to 200 workflows and 5000 workflows can be queued if the number of actively running workflows is reached.