When you develop a Web view, you must save the collection of Web pages and Web view components that comprise the Web view to a working folder. The Web view working folder must conform to basic file-naming and file-structuring rules.

You can name the working folder in which you develop the Web view pages and components any name that is appropriate. The working folder must contain the following file and folder at its root.

Web view file structure




The home page of the Web view. All Web views must include a default.html file at the root of the working folder.


Contains the JWC files and the associated HTML templates of the Web view components. The components folder must be at the root of the working folder.


If you create more than one Web view to run in the same Orchestrator server, you must save the Web view components in subfolders inside the components folder, to avoid conflicts between identically named components. Alternatively, create all Web view components with a unique name.

The default.html file and the components folder are the only mandatory elements that a Web view must contain. You can add other files and folders in the Web view folder and organize the files and folders in any way. You can include HTML files that are not Web view component templates anywhere in the Web view folder.