During the Web view development process, you can configure the Orchestrator server to publish the Web view from a working folder rather than from the Orchestrator server.

When the server runs in development mode, you can preview the Web view as you develop it, without having to import it to the Orchestrator server to view it. You set the Orchestrator server to Web view development mode in the Orchestrator configuration interface.


Because Orchestrator publishes Web views from the working folder, you cannot access Web views that you have not exported to the working folder when the server is in development mode.

To enable Web view development mode, your working folder must be on the same machine as the Orchestrator server.


Log in to the Orchestrator configuration interface by using the your Orchestrator configuration username and password.

For example, go to https://orchestrator_server_DNS_name_or_IP_address:8283 or https://localhost:8283 in a Web browser.


On the General tab click Advanced Configuration.


Select the Enable Web view development mode check box.


Type the path to the root of your working folder in the text box.

Make sure you provide the path to the root of the working folder. Do not include the name of the folder that contains the Web view in the path.

For example, if you are working on a Web view in the folder C:\Documents and Settings\username\Desktop\MyWebView\, type C:\Documents and Settings\username\Desktop\ as the path.


Click Apply changes.


On the Startup Options tab, click Restart Service to restart the Orchestrator server in Web view development mode.


After the Orchestrator server has restarted, start the Orchestrator client and log in.


Click Web Views.


Verify that your Web view's URL folder value matches the name of your working directory.

For example, if you created the working folder C:\Documents and Settings\username\Desktop\MyWebView\, set the URL folder to MyWebView.


If the Web view is running, right-click the Web view and select Unpublish.


Right-click the Web view and select Edit.


On the General tab of the Web view editor, type the name of the working folder in the URL folder text box, and click Save and Close to close the Web view editor.


Right-click the Web view and select Publish.

You set the Orchestrator server to Web view development mode, in which you can preview a Web view from your working folder while you develop it.