To create a Web view by using the default Web view template, you must import the template to the Orchestrator client.

When you create Web views, it is easier to customize an existing template than to start from the beginning.


From the drop-down menu in the Orchestrator client, select Administer.


Click the Web Views view.


Right-click in the white space under the Web views list and select New from > File template to import a Web view template to the Orchestrator server.


Click Browse and browse to the appropriate folder.



If you installed the standalone version of Orchestrator

Go to C:\Program Files\VMware\Orchestrator\apps\webviewTemplates\

If the vCenter Server installed Orchestrator

Go to C:\Program Files\VMware\Infrastructure\Orchestrator\apps\webviewTemplates\


Select the file and click Open.


Name the Web view Virtual Machine Manager.

The Virtual Machine Manager Web view now appears in the list in the Web Views view in the client.


Right-click Virtual Machine Manager and select Publish to preview the empty template.


In a browser, go to http://orchestrator_server:8280/vmo/ to see the list of Web views running on the Orchestrator server.


Click Virtual Machine Manager and log in using your Orchestrator username and password.

You see a basic Web view, with no operations or functions.

You created an empty Web view from a template, and inspected it in a browser.

Export the empty Web view to a working folder.