You add Tapestry components to a Web view by adding a jwcid attribute to an HTML tag in a Web page. The jwcid attribute references a Web view component.

You can add a jwcid attribute to any HTML tag. You can add references to components from the Orchestrator Web view component library, to components from the Tapestry Standard, or to custom components that you create.

Create a Web view in the Orchestrator client and exported its contents to a working directory.


Open an HTML page of a Web view in an HTML editor.


Add an arbitrary tag to the HTML file, in the position at which the Web view component is to appear in the page.

For example, add the following arbitrary tag in the appropriate position in the HTML file:


Add to the arbitrary tag a jwcid attribute that references a Web view component.

For example, the following jwcid attribute adds the vco:DisplayProperty component from the Orchestrator library to the Web view.

<vco jwcid="@vco:DisplayProperty">

The vco:DisplayProperty component obtains and displays the properties of an object that is in the server in the Web view.


Add the additional properties that the component requires to the arbitrary HTML tag.

For example, the following Web view component displays the MyVirtualMachine virtual machine Name property in a Web view.

<vco jwcid="@vco:DisplayProperty" name="Name" property="MyVirtualMachine"/>

You added a reference to a Web view component to a Web page in a Web view.