You add links to run workflows from a Web view by using the vco:WorkflowLink component. You define the workflows to run by setting Web view attributes.

Create a Web view tab in the Virtual Machine Manager Web view by modifying the Menu.html component template.

Create the runWorkflows.html file to define the contents of the tab.


Open the runWorkflows.html file in an HTML editor.


Add a reference to the vco:WorkflowLink component to the runWorkflows.html file.

<vco jwcid="@layout/VMMBorder" section="literal: home" title="Run Workflows">
   <p style="margin-left: 16px; margin-top: 5px; margin-bottom: 5px;">
   Click a workflow to run it.</p>

    <a jwcid="@vco:WorkflowLink" workflow="createVM" isDialog="true">
    Create simple virtual machine</a>


When you set the isDialog property to true, a dialog box appears in which users provide input parameters to run the workflow.

The workflow property refers to a Web view attribute called createVM that you create in the Orchestrator client.


In the Web Views view in the Orchestrator client, right-click the Virtual Machine Manager Web view and select Edit.


Right-click in the Attributes tab in the Web view editor and select Add attribute.


Click the attribute name and type createVM.


Click the attribute Type link and select Workflow from the list.


Click the attribute Value link and search for and select the Create simple virtual machine workflow.


Click Save and Close to exit the Web view editor.


Open the Virtual Machine Manager Web view in a browser at http://orchestrator_server:8280/vmo/.


Click the Create simple virtual machine link in the Workflows tab.

A Web form opens in the browser to allow users to enter parameters to create a virtual machine.


(Optional) Add more links to start workflows by adding more vco:WorkflowLink references to runWorkflows.html.

For example, add the following vco:WorkflowLink references:

<li><a jwcid="@vco:WorkflowLink" workflow="cloneVM" isDialog="true">
Clone a virtual machine

<li><a jwcid="@vco:WorkflowLink" workflow="snapVM" isDialog="true">
Take a snapshot of all virtual machines in a resource pool

<li><a jwcid="@vco:WorkflowLink" workflow="removeSnaps" isDialog="true">
Remove virtual machine snapshots of a given size

<li><a jwcid="@vco:WorkflowLink" workflow="thickToThin" isDialog="true">
Convert a virtual disk from thick to thin provisioning

<li><a jwcid="@vco:WorkflowLink" workflow="deleteVM" isDialog="true">
Delete a virtual machine

Make sure that you create the Web view attribute in the Orchestrator client for each vco:WorkflowLink reference.

You added links to the Virtual Machine Manager Web view that run workflows on virtual machines in the vSphere inventory.

Customize the appearance of the Web view.