You can add URLs to Web view pages to run actions in the Orchestrator server. Running actions by using direct URLs rather than by using Web view components allows you to specify the parameters with which to run the action in the URL, and allows you to provide your own formatting to the action results.

You have created a Web view in the Orchestrator client and have Web view page in which to insert a URL to run an action.


From the drop-down menu in the Orchestrator client, select Administer.


In the Web views view, right-click the Web view to which to add the URL and select Edit.

You must unpublish a running Web view to edit it.


Right-click in the Attributes tab of the Web view editor and select Add attribute.


Create a Web view attribute, of type Action with the value set to the action of your choice.

For example, name the Web view attribute MyAction.


Create Web view attributes for each of the input parameters that the action requires.

For example, name a Web view attribute ActionParameterAttribute.


Click Save and close to exit the Web view editor.


Open the HTML page in which to insert the URL in an HTML editor.


Add a link to http://orchestrator_server:8280/vmo/web_view_url_folder/system/vmo/pages/action.html at the appropriate place in the HTML file.

Add a relative link to the action URL, that starts below the Web view URL folder value, rather than hard-coding the address of the Orchestrator server in the URL, as the following example shows:

<a href="./system/vmo/pages/action.html?action=myAction
      Click here to run an action</a>

The URL uses the Web view attributes you set in the Orchestrator client to start the action myAction and to set the ActionParameterAttributeparameter. The second parameter, ActionParameterValue, is not a Web view attribute so you add the parameter value directly in the URL.

You added a link to run an action from a URL. When users click the link in the published Web view, the action runs with the parameters you reference in the URL. JavaScript functions that you define can process the results of running the action.