The getWorkflowTokenStatus operation obtains the globalStatus of specific workflow tokens.

The getWorkFlowTokenStatus operation checks the status of a workflow or an array of workflows while they run. The getWorkFlowTokenStatus operation obtains the globalStatus value from running WorkflowToken objects, identified by their workflowTokenId. The globalStatus value can be one of the following.

running: the workflow is running

waiting: the workflow is waiting for runtime parameters, which can be provided by answerWorkflowInput

waiting-signal: the workflow is waiting for an external event

canceled: the workflow was canceled by a user or by an application

completed: the workflow has finished

failed: the workflow encountered an error

The getWorkflowTokenStatus operation is declared as follows.

public String[] getWorkflowTokenStatus(String[] workflowTokenID, String username, 
String password);




Array of strings


List of workflow token IDs.



Orchestrator user name.



Orchestrator password.

Returns a list of workflow token status values. The returned value is a string array of the globalStatus of each workflow token, ordered by their workflowTokenID values. Returns null if you pass it an invalid parameter.