The Web service endpoint is the port upon which you connect a Web service client to the Orchestrator server.

You connect to the Orchestrator Web service's endpoint at the following URL, in which orchestrator_server is the IP address or host name of the host on which the Orchestrator server is running.


The Web service runs over HTTP or HTTPS on port 8280 or 8281 of the Orchestrator server. Access to the Web service API requires a valid username and password on the Orchestrator server. Because every access to the service is authenticated separately, a secure HTTPS connection is not strictly necessary. However, the Web service sends passwords over the network without encryption, so use a secure HTTPS connection if security is an issue for your applications.


Networks secured by HTTPS access the Web service endpoint on port 8281. In your network, the port number might be different from the defaults of 8280 or 8281.