The QueryResult object represents the results of a find query.

A QueryResult object contains an array of FinderResult objects and a counter. A QueryResult object is returned by the find operation, as the following example shows.

public QueryResult find(String type, String query, String username, 
String password);

The following table shows the properties of the QueryResult object.






The total number of objects found.

The QueryResult object contains an array of FinderResult objects. The vso.xml file for the relevant plug-in sets the number of FinderResult objects the query returns. The standard plug-ins that Orchestrator provides all return an unlimited number of FinderResult objects. The totalCount property reports the total number of FinderResult objects found. If the value of totalCount is greater than the number set by the plug-in, the array of FinderResults returned does not include all the objects found in the queried inventory.



An array of FinderResult objects.