The getWorkflowsWithName operation searches for workflows by their name.

The getWorkflowsWithName operation is declared as follows.

public Workflow[] getWorkflowsWithName(String workflowName, String username, String password);

If you know the name (or a part of the name) of a particular workflow, you can obtain this workflow by calling getWorkflowsWithName. The getWorkflowsWithName operation returns an array of workflows, so it can be used to find several workflows at one time.


The getWorkflowsWithName operation is a convenient means of obtaining workflows, but you should not use it in production applications because workflow names can change. Use the getWorkflowForId operation rather than the getWorkflowsWithName operation in production applications.






Name of the workflow to find.

The value of the workflowName property can be a full name or a wildcard (*), which returns all the workflows available to the user. You can also search for partial names. For example, if you enter *Clone or Clone* as the workflowName, this returns all workflows with names that contain the word Clone.



Orchestrator user name.



Orchestrator password.

Returns an array of Workflow objects that correspond to the provided name or name fragment. Workflows are returned in an array even if only one workflow is found. Returns null if you pass it an invalid parameter.