The getWorkflowTokenResult operation obtains the result of running a given workflow.

You can view the results that a WorkflowToken object produces by calling getWorkflowTokenResult. The results of running a workflow are delivered as an array of WorkflowTokenAttribute objects that contain the output parameters that the workflow set during its run. The structure of the output WorkflowTokenAttribute objects is the same as the structure of the input parameters passed to the workflow when it starts. The parameters have a name, type, and value.

You can obtain the results before the workflow finishes. If the workflow has set its output parameters, you can obtain their values by calling getWorkflowTokenResult while the workflow runs. This method allows the workflow to communicate its results to external systems while it is still in the running state. You can also use getWorkflowTokenResult to obtain results from workflows in the failed, waiting, and canceled states, to show the results of the workflow up to the point it entered a nonrunning or incomplete state.

Objects of the Any type do not deserialize correctly. You cannot call getWorkflowTokenResult on a workflow token if one of the token's attributes is of the Any type. If you specify the correct object type, for example, VC:VirtualMachine, getWorkflowTokenResult returns the correct dunesURI value.

If the object that getWorkflowTokenResult obtains is a plain Java object, you can deserialize it by using the standard Java API, but to do so you must include the relevant Java class in your classpath. For example, if the object you obtain is of the type VirtualMachineRuntimeInfo, you must include VirtualMachineRuntimeInfo.class or o11nplugin-vsphere41.jar in the classpath. You find the o11nplugin-vsphere41.jar file in install-directory\VMware\Orchestrator\app-server\server\vmo\tmp\dars\o11nplugin-vsphere41.dar\lib.

The getWorkflowTokenResult operation is declared as follows.

public WorkflowTokenAttribute[] getWorkflowTokenResult(String workflowTokenId, 
String username, String password);






ID of this specific run of the workflow



Orchestrator user name.



Orchestrator password.

Returns an array of WorkflowTokenAttribute objects that correspond to the provided workflow token ID or IDs. Returns null if you pass it an invalid parameter.