You generate client and server stubs from the Orchestrator WSDL.

Orchestrator publishes the WSDL file at the following location.


You generate the Web service client and server stubs by using a Java or .Net code generator. The Orchestrator Web service supports all WSDL 1.1 parsers. Generating the Web service provides the following objects.


The exact objects that the Orchestrator Web service generates depend on your code generator. The objects in the following list are those that the Axis 1.4 code generator generates. Other code generators might generate the objects differently. If the generator that you use generates different objects, use VSOWebControlService service as the point of access to the other Web service objects.

Java classes generated with Axis 1.4




The Web service defines a WSDL port type named VSOWebControl, through which you access all the Orchestrator Web service operations.


The Web service defines client and server side stubs that the application uses to start the Web service.


The Web service provides access to the Orchestrator Web service operations through a proxy.


The VSOWebControlService service is a remote procedure call (RPC) Service implementation. The VSOWebControlService service is the point of access to the other Web service objects.


The VSOWebControlServiceLocator service extends VSOWebControlService to provide the following operations.

getwebserviceAddress obtains the endpoint URL for the Web service.

getwebservice obtains the client-side stub for the Web service application and instantiates the VSOWebControl port type object with the appropriate endpoint URL.