The getAllPlugins operation returns the description of all the plug-ins installed in Orchestrator.

Many of the actions that you perform using Orchestrator depend on functions that you enable through plug-ins. Workflows might depend on the existence of certain custom plug-ins, or on standard plug-ins that the administrator has disabled. Consequently, you can check that the necessary plug-ins are present before you run a workflow. Without the necessary plug-ins, some object types used by workflows might be absent.

The getAllPlugins operation lists all the available plug-ins as an array of ModuleInfo objects. The ModuleInfo objects store the name, version, description, and name for each plug-in. A Web service application can use these attributes to modify its behavior based on the presence or absence of certain plugged-in modules or versions.

The getAllPlugins operation is declared as follows.

public ModuleInfo[] getAllPlugins(username, password);

The following table describes the getAllPlugins operation properties.






Orchestrator user name.



Orchestrator password.

Returns a list of plug-in descriptions as ModuleInfo objects.