Developing a Web services client application follows a broad sequence of stages.

The following figure shows how to create a typical Orchestrator Web service client application.

Process for Creating Orchestrator Web Service Applications
This figure shows a flow diagram that outlines the main steps in the process of creating an Orchestrator Web services application. First you create a VSOWebControl object to connect to the Web Service. Then you can check the connection to the server using echoWorkflow. You can also check for plug-ins using getAllPlugins. The next steps are to find objects on which to execute the workflows, to find a workflow and to define the parameters. Then you execute the workflow using executeWorkflow, which creates a WorkflowToken. You can then perform different actions while the WorkflowToken executes. When the WorkflowToken completes, check the results with getWorkflowTokenResults and display or process the results of the workflow.

Follow the broad stages of development illustrated to create Orchestrator Web services client applications that satisfy most of your requirements.