The Orchestrator REST API provides functionality that allows you to communicate with the Orchestrator server directly through HTTP and perform various workflow-related operations over workflows.

The Orchestrator REST API exposes the objects from the inventories of the Orchestrator server and the installed plug-ins as resources at predefined URLs. You make HTTP calls at these URLs to trigger operations in Orchestrator. In this way, you can perform various tasks over workflows:

Run a workflow, schedule a workflow, retrieve the runs of a workflow, answer to a user interaction, and cancel a workflow run.

Retrieve details about a workflow such as its input and output parameters and its presentation.

Retrieve details about a workflow run, such as its state, generated logs, start date, and end date.

Browse the inventories of Orchestrator and the installed plug-ins.

Import and export workflows, actions, and packages.

By using the Orchestrator REST API you can easily integrate Orchestrator workflows in custom applications that you can build in any programing language.

The Orchestrator REST API also provides eTag support as well as a mechanism for caching of response data.