You can find any object in the Orchestrator inventory by using the Catalog or the Inventory services. You can access only a certain subset of objects by applying filter parameters at the end of the URLs where you make HTTP requets.

You can use the Catalog service to find objects in the Orchestrator inventory that are of a certain type, or retrieve a specific object by its type and ID. For example, you can retrieve all objects that are of type workflow or action, or can retrieve a specific workflow or action.

The Inventory service allows you to browse the Orchestrator inventory by parent-child relations. Using the Inventory service, you can access objects that are available at a specific location in the Orchestrator inventory. For example, you can retrieve all workflows for Datacenter management by browsing to their location in the Orchestrator inventory, that is Library/vCenter/Datacenter.

Every service from the Orchestrator REST API supports filter parameters that you can add at the end of URLs when making HTTP requests. Using the filter parameters, you can narrow the results that you receive in the response body of a request at a specific URL.