When you set permissions by using the Orchestrator REST API, you must use a set of characters to define the permissions.

You can define the permissions for an element by including a sequence of characters in the <rights> tag of the request body of a POST request .

The characters that you can use to set permissions through the Orchestrator REST API have specific meanings.

Orchestrator REST API Permissions Character Set




Gives view permissions.


Gives execute permissions.


Gives inspect permissions.


Gives edit permissions.


Gives administrative permissions.

You can use the following example syntax in the request body of a POST request at the URL of an Orchestrator element's permissions.

<permissions xmlns="http://www.vmware.com/vco">

By setting ric permissions in the <rights> tag of the request body, you allow members of the vcousers user group to view, inspect, and edit the Orchestrator element.