You build a workflow by creating a sequence of schema elements that define the logical flow of the workflow.

By default, all elements in the workflow schema are linked. Links between the elements are represented as arrows. When you add a new element to the workflow schema, you must drag it onto an arrow or an existing workflow element that is not linked to a next element. After you add workflow elements to the schema, you can delete existing links and create new links to define the logical flow of the workflow.

You can copy an element or a selection of elements from the schema of an existing workflow to the schema of the workflow that you are editing. See Copy Workflow Schema Elements.

A workflow schema must have at least one End workflow element, but it can have several.

Open a workflow for editing in the workflow editor.


Click the Schema tab in the workflow editor.


Drag a schema element from the Generic menu in the left pane, to the workflow schema.


Double-click the element you dragged to the workflow schema, type an appropriate name, and press Enter.

You must provide elements with unique names in the context of the workflow.

You cannot rename Waiting timer, Waiting event, End workflow, or Throw exception elements.


(Optional) Right-click an element in the schema and select Copy.


(Optional) Right-click at an appropriate position in the schema and select Paste.

Copying and pasting existing schema elements is a quick way of adding similar elements to the schema. All of the settings of the copied element appear in the pasted element, except for the business state. Adjust the pasted element settings accordingly.


Drag schema elements from the Basic, Log, or Network menus to the workflow schema.

You can edit the names of the elements in the Basic, Log, or Network menus. You cannot edit their scripting.


Drag schema elements from the Generic menu to the workflow schema.

When you drag actions or workflows to the workflow schema, a dialog box in which you can search for the action or workflow to insert appears.


In the Filter text box, type the name or part of the name of the workflow or action to insert in the workflow.

The workflows or actions that match the search appear in the dialog box.


Double-click a workflow or action to select it.

You inserted the workflow or action in the workflow schema.


Repeat this procedure until you have added all of the required schema elements to the workflow schema.

Define the properties of the elements you added to the workflow schema and link and bind them all together.