Orchestrator allows you to define properties to qualify the input parameter values that users provide when they run workflows. The parameter properties you define impose limits on the types and values of the input parameters the users provide.

Every parameter can have several properties. You define an input parameter's properties in the Properties tab for a given parameter in the Presentation tab.

Parameter properties validate the input parameters and modify the way that text boxes appear in the input parameters dialog box. Some parameter properties can create dependencies between parameters.

A parameter property value can be either static or dynamic. Static property values remain constant. If you set a property value to static, you set or select the property's value from a list that the workflow editor generates according to the parameter type.

Dynamic property values depend on the value of another parameter or attribute. You define the functions by which dynamic properties obtain values by using an object graph navigation language (OGNL) expression. If a dynamic parameter property value depends on the value of another parameter property value and the other parameter property value changes, the OGNL expression recalculates and changes the dynamic property value.


The use of OGNL expressions in workflow presentations is deprecated as of Orchestrator 4.1. Using OGNL expressions in workflow presentations is not supported in releases of Orchestrator later than 4.1.