You can bind a workflow's elements together in the workflow editor. Bindings define how the action elements process input parameters and generate output parameters.


On the Schema tab, click the Edit icon (Edit icon) of the startVM action element.


Set the following general information on the Info tab.




Select No External interaction.

Business Status

Select the check box and add the text Sending start VM.


Leave the text Start / Resume a VM. Return the start task.


Click the IN tab.

The IN tab displays the two possible input parameters available to the startVM action, vm and host.

Orchestrator automatically binds the vm parameter to vm[in-parameter] because the startVM action can only take a VC:VirtualMachine as an input parameter. Orchestrator detects the vm parameter you defined when you set the workflow input parameters and so binds it to the action automatically.


Set host to NULL.

This is an optional parameter, so you can set it to null. However, if you leave it set to Not set, the workflow cannot validate.


Click the OUT tab.

The default output parameter that all actions generate, actionResult, appears.


For the actionResult parameter, click Not set.


Click Create parameter/attribute in workflow.

The Parameter information dialog box displays the values that you can set for this output parameter. The output parameter type for the startVM action is a VC:Task object.


Name the parameter powerOnTask and provide a description.

For example, Contains the result of powering on a VM.


Click Create workflow ATTRIBUTE with the same name and click OK to exit the Parameter information dialog box.


Repeat the preceding steps to bind the input and output parameters to the vim3WaitTaskEnd and vim3WaitToolsStarted action elements.

Simple Workflow Example Action Element Bindings lists the bindings for the vim3WaitTaskEnd and vim3WaitToolsStarted action elements.


Click Save at the bottom of the workflow editor's Schema tab.

The action elements' input and output parameters are bound to the appropriate parameter types and values.

Bind the scriptable task elements and define their functions.