Optionally, you can highlight different zones of the workflow by adding workflow notes. Creating different workflow zones helps to make complicated workflow schema easier to read and understand.

Complete the following tasks.

Create the Complex Workflow Example.

Create the Schema of the Complex Workflow Example.

Open the workflow for editing in the workflow editor.


Create the following workflow zones by using workflow notes.

Elements in Zone


Start element; Initialize scriptable task; VMs to Process? custom decision

Get an array of virtual machines from a resource pool, initialize the counter of the Array and set the first virtual machine to be treated, if any.

Pool has no VMs scriptable task.

Resource pool contains no virtual machines of which to take snapshots.

VMs remaining? custom decision; getVMDisksModes action, Create Snapshot? decision; Create a snapshot workflow; VM Snapshots scriptable task; Increment scriptable task; Log Exception scriptable task

Check whether any virtual machines remain in the resource pool, check that a virtual machine meets the snapshot criteria, take a snapshot, then loop until a snapshot has been taken of all the virtual machines.

Set Output scriptable task; End element

Generates the resulting array of virtual machines of which snapshots have been taken.


Select a workflow note and press Ctrl+E to select the background color.


Click Save at the bottom of the workflow editor Schema tab.

Your workflow zones should look like the following diagram.

Schema Diagram for Take Snapshot of all Virtual Machines in a Resource Pool Example Workflow
The completed schema diagram of the The schema diagram for the Take Snapshot of All Virtual Machines in a Resource Pool example workflow.

You must define the workflow's input and output parameters.