After you create a workflow, you can validate it to discover any possible errors. If the workflow contains no errors, you can run it.


Click Validate in the Schema tab of the workflow editor.

The validation tool locates any errors in the definition of the workflow.


After you have eliminated any errors, click Save and Close at the bottom of the workflow editor.

You return to the Orchestrator client.


Click the Workflows view.


Select Workflow Examples > Start VM and Send Email in the workflow hierarchical list.


Right-click the Start VM and Send Email workflow and select Start workflow.

The input parameters dialog box opens and prompts you for a virtual machine to start and an email address to send notifications to.


Select a virtual machine to start from the vCenter Server inventory.


Type an email address to which to send email notifications.


Click Submit to start the workflow.

A workflow token appears under the Start VM and Send Email workflow.


Click the workflow token to follow the progress of the workflow as it runs.

If the workflow runs successfully, the virtual machine you selected is in the powered-on state, and the email recipient you defined receives a confirmation email.

You can generate a document in which to review information about the workflow. See Generate Workflow Documentation.