When a workflow starts, it validates input parameter values from users against any parameter properties that you set.

Open a workflow for editing in the workflow editor.

Verify that the workflow has a defined list of input parameters.


In the workflow editor, click the Presentation tab.


Click a parameter in the Presentation tab.

The parameter's General and Properties tabs appear at the bottom of the Presentation tab.


Click the parameter's Properties tab.


Right-click in the Properties tab and select Add property.

A dialog box opens, presenting a list of the possible properties for a parameter of the type selected.


Select a property from the list presented in the dialog box and click OK.

The property appears in the Properties tab.


Under Value, make the property value either static or dynamic by selecting the corresponding symbol from the drop-down menu.



The symbol for a static input parameter property.

Static property

The icon for a dynamic input parameter property

Dynamic property


If you set the property value to static, you select a property value according to the type of parameter for which you are setting the properties.


If you set the property value to dynamic, you define the function to obtain the parameter property value by using an OGNL expression.

The workflow editor provides help writing the OGNL expression.


Click the The icon for the OGNL attribute and parameter list. icon to obtain a list of all the attributes and parameters defined by the workflow that this expression can call upon.


Click the The icon for the OGNL action list. icon to obtain a list of all the actions in the Orchestrator API that return an output parameter of the type for which you are defining the properties.

Clicking items in the proposed lists of parameters and actions adds them to the OGNL expression.


Click Save at the bottom of the workflow editor.

You defined the properties of the workflow's input parameters.

Validate and debug the workflow.