The Orchestrator implementation of the Mozilla Rhina JavaScript Engine supports exception handling, to allow you to process errors. You must use the following guidelines when writing exception handlers in scripts.

Use the following European Computer Manufacturers Association (ECMA) error types. Use Error as a generic exception that plug-in functions return, and the following specific error types.







The following example shows a URIError definition.

try { 
        throw new URIError("VirtualMachine with ID 'vm-0056' 
                       not found on 'vcenter-test-1'") ; 
} catch ( e if e instanceof URIError ) { 


All exceptions that scripts do not catch must be simple string objects of the form <type>:SPACE<human readable message>, as the following example shows.

throw "ValidationError: The input parameter 'myParam' of type 'string' is too short."

Write human readable messages as clearly as possible.

Simple string exception type checking must use the following pattern.

try {
      throw "VMwareNoSpaceLeftOnDatastore: Datastore 'myDatastore' has no space left" ;
} catch ( e if (typeof(e)=="string" && e.indexOf("VMwareNoSpaceLeftOnDatastore:") == 0) ) {
      System.log("No space left on device") ;
      // Do something useful here

Simple string exception type checking, must use the following pattern in scripted elements in workflows.

if (typeof(errorCode)=="string" 
      && errorCode.indexOf("VMwareNoSpaceLeftOnDatastore:") 
      == 0) {
      // Do something useful here