Workflow attributes are the data that workflows process.


You can also define workflow attributes in the workflow schema elements when you create the workflow schema. It is often easier to define an attribute when you create the workflow schema element that processes it.

Open a workflow for editing in the workflow editor.


Click the General tab in the workflow editor.

The attributes pane appears in the bottom half of the General tab.


Right-click in the attributes pane and select Add Attribute.

A new attribute appears in the attributes list, with String as its default type.


Click the attribute name to change it.

The default name is attX, where X is a number.


Workflow attributes must not have the same name as any of the workflow's parameters.


Click the attribute type to select a new type from a list of possible values.

The default attribute type is String.


Click the attribute value to set or select a value according to the attribute type.


Add a description of the attribute in the Description text box.


If the attribute is a constant rather than a variable, click the check box to the left of the attribute name to make its value read-only.

The lock icon identifies the column of read-only check boxes.


(Optional) If you decide that the attribute should be an input or output parameter rather than an attribute, right-click the attribute and select Move as INPUT/OUTPUT parameter to change the attribute into a parameter.

You defined an attribute for the workflow.

You can define the workflow's input and output parameters.