You define the global properties of a schema element in the element's Info tab.

Verify that the Schema tab of the workflow editor contains elements.


Click the Schema tab in the workflow editor.


Select an element to edit by clicking the edit icon (Edit icon).

A dialog box that lists the properties of the element appears.


Click the Info tab.


Provide a name for the schema element in the Name text box.

This is the name that appears in the schema element in the workflow schema diagram.


From the Interaction drop-down menu, select a description.

The Interaction property allows you to select between standard descriptions of how this element interacts with objects outside of the workflow. This property is for information only.


(Optional) Provide a business status description in the Business Status text box.

The Business Status property is a brief description of what this element does. When a workflow is running, the workflow token shows the Business Status of each element as it runs. This feature is useful for tracking workflow status.


(Optional) In the Description text box, type a description of the schema element.