Orchestrator provides a workflow validation tool. Validating a workflow helps identify errors in the workflow and checks that the data flows from one element to the next correctly.

When you validate a workflow, the validation tool creates a list of any errors or warnings. Clicking an error in the list highlights the workflow element that contains the error.

If you run the validation tool in the workflow editor, the tool provides suggested quick fixes for the errors it detects. Some quick fixes require you to provide additional information or input parameters. Other quick fixes resolve the error for you.

Workflow validation checks the data bindings and connections between elements. Workflow validation does not check the data processing that each element in the workflow performs. Consequently, a valid workflow can run incorrectly and produce erroneous results if a function in a schema element is incorrect.

By default, Orchestrator always performs workflow validation when you run a workflow. You can change the default validation behavior in the Orchestrator client. See Testing Workflows During Development. For example, sometimes during workflow development you might want to run a workflow that you know to be invalid, for testing purposes.