You can use input and output parameters to pass data into and out of the workflow.

You can define the parameters of a workflow in the workflow editor. The input parameters are the initial data that the workflow requires to run. Users provide the values for the input parameters when they run the workflow. The output parameters are the data the workflow returns when it completes its run.

Open a workflow for editing in the workflow editor.


Click the appropriate tab in the workflow editor.

Click Inputs to create input parameters.

Click Outputs to create output parameters.


Right-click inside the parameters tab and select Add parameter.


Click the parameter name to change it.

The default name is arg_in_X for input parameters and arg_out_X for output parameters, where X is a number.


(Optional) To change the value of the parameter type, click the value and select one from the list of available values.

The value for the parameter type is String by default.


Add a description for the parameter in the Description text box.


(Optional) If you decide that the parameter should be an attribute rather than a parameter, right-click the parameter and select Move as attribute to change the parameter into an attribute.

You have defined an input or output parameter for the workflow.

After you define the workflow's parameters, build the workflow schema.